Got the go-ahead to begin a little work on my Salem-based project with Lenity Group. Going to gather some paint color scheme ideas to present at a meeting next month. 


Have a wonderful palette pulled together for my Salem-based project. Rich, Northwest-inspired colors.
Going to begin work soon on my Washington-based project.
Hopefully have some exciting news to share soon on future projects!


Been very busy the last few months, too busy to update this blog!
We just submitted an Interiors package for a Senior Living Memory Care facility in Illinois. Rich neutrals, warm carpets and wood tones will create a comfortable, home-like atmosphere. Construction will begin later this year and photos will come eventually. 
We are currently working on a restaurant in Sunriver, Oregon..which is a very exciting project. Again, construction later this year and photos to come.
The Salem-based project is coming along very well. have flooring and some paint selected. Collaborating with Lenity Group on details that will make this an amazing place to work for the employees. 
Still waiting for a building design to be finalized to begin work on the Washington project, hopefully soon. 
Have another Senior Living project tentatively lined up and we are actively working on securing new projects. 


This past year has been incredible. I have been working (via Lenity Architecture) with a major Senior Living client developing new color and finish schemes for projects. So far, buildings are being constructed or are in the planning stages for Arizona, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, Texas and California. 
The restaurant in Sunriver has been completed for a while now, as with a brewpub also in Sunriver which was another wonderful project. The Village Bar and Grill and Sunriver Brewing....go check them out! 
Lenity Architecture outgrew their office space last year, so we had to move to a new location in Salem, which meant another project! We renovated and improved the new space and created a new Lenity look and branding. The space is modern and design oriented, yet very warm and comfortable. 


These past several years have been busy and exciting. I've maintained a continued a relationship with the above mentioned Senior Living client working on Assisted Living/Memory Care, as well as other diverse projects. I've developed a relationship with another Senior Living client. One Memory Care has been built and is a beautiful and thriving community. Two other buildings are currently in construction and design phases. I've also picked up a few residential and commercial clients, including an insurance office in Silverton, Oregon.